1. Why call Oranje Transport?

Do you want to transport or move furniture or goods? Oranje Transport will assist you and provide a smooth, stress-free moving or transportation. Oranje Transport is fast, flexible, and reliable. You can call us for:

  • Transport of furniture.
  • Pick-up of online purchased furniture.
  • Transportation of goods (small and large, from packages to pianos).
  • Small moves (students and seniors, moving & relocating).
  • Big moves (or evacuations).
  • Transportation to and from storage areas.

2. What are the prices?

The hourly rate depends on the type of vehicle and the number of movers that are needed. Please visit our prices page for more information.

For transportation outside Rotterdam, and for house moving, you will receive a quote. Please call us for a quote (+31) 085 876 9464 or WhatsApp to (+31) 06 147 467 88.

3. How do I pay?

You will pay after the service is done. The driver will make your receipt and you can choose to pay in cash or with a debit card.

4. I need help today, is that possible?

Yes, definitely! Oranje Transport is very flexible. We strive to help the same day, in the evening or on weekends. Call us now to discuss the possibilities: (+31) 085 876 9464 or WhatsApp us (+31) 06 147 467 88 and we will get back to you within an hour.

5. Will Oranje Transport deliver my goods or furniture inside my house?

We do whatever you prefer. You can let us know what you want when you make the order. In case you choose to hire us for transportation only, the uploading & unloading of the goods will be your own responsibility. In case you want the help of professional movers in addition to the transportation, we upload the goods from where you wish and we unload it right where you wish. For more information please check our packages at the prices page.

6. Are my goods insured during transportation or moving?

Yes, definitely. Oranje Transport always treats your goods with the utmost care. Should any damage occur, then your goods are insured through our insurance at Assurantiehuys De Jong Verzekeringen B.V.

7. How big are the vehicles from Oranje Transport?

We have two types of vehicles:

  • Removal Van (10 m3)
    The van has a size of 3M x 2M x 1.8M. The belongings of one person can usually fit into a such van. For example: a two-seater (sofa), bed, small wardrobe, small fridge, washing machine, bicycle, and 10 moving-boxes.
  • Moving Truck (20 m3)
    The truck has a size of 4.2M x 2.2M x 2.2M. The belongings of two persons can usually fit into such a truck. For example, a three seater (sofa), double bed, wardrobe, table, chairs, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, two bikes and 20 moving-boxes.

8. In which region does Oranje Transport operate?

Oranje Transport is based in THE transportation hub of The Netherlands: Rotterdam. Our services spread from Rotterdam to the whole of Holland and even Europe.

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