Hereunder is a list of the top five rental agencies in Utrecht. This ranking is based on the number of the vacant properties each agency offers for renting as of April 2017.

1 – B&S Rental Service

Price range: 950-3250 euro
B&S Rental Service is specialized in leasing and letting real estate in and around Utrecht and has done so since 1990. They know Utrecht and its surroundings inside out. Their starting point is based on your own personal wish list. They will help you pinpoint what is important to you, such as number of rooms, child-friendly neighborhood or quick access to atrial roads. Once your wishes are clear they will meet them quickly and efficiently, including the lease contract and all additional agreements with the owner.


2 – VGW Housing

Price range: 75 (per night) – 5750 Euro
VGW (Safety, Health, Welfare) is an experienced real estate agent. Their core values are flexibility, fast service, preventing vacancy and finding suitable accommodation for their clients. VGW is specialized in exclusively and tasteful (furnished) houses, studio and apartments in several classes and locations.


3 – Domica Utrecht

Price range: 385 – 3000 euro
Domica is a national company with more than 20 offices in the Netherlands, yet they keep a personal relationship with all their landlords and tenants. In Utrecht they have professional brokers who know the regional market. And because they’re the biggest rental broker in the Netherlands they can help you to find a new house within 24 hours.


4 – Utrecht

Price range: 995 – 3200 euro
Tweelwonen has 13 years of experience and is now a nationwide company offering long stay, short stay and even hotels. Their website is very complete and offers many search options for all your requests. In 2016 they won the award Rental Broker of the year.


5- Altijd Wonen

Price range: 400 – 1850 Euro
Altijd Wonen (Always Living) is a competitive real estate company that tailors their services to the wishes of every customer, but stays professional. They work on a no cure, no pay basis and search also outside their own real estate for which they will not charge you if they find an apartment with another broker.