The key to your new place in Rotterdam

A student service initiative by your friend for moving houses and everything else.

Welcome to the city of Rotterdam! We at Oranje Transport have done business with students and expats over the years which made us realise the trouble that internationals go through in finding the right housing. We just decided to help make you ‘happy’. So here goes…..STUDENT-HOUSING- TIPS!

Without Brokers

This approach definitely saves you money but does consume a lot more time – sometimes more time than you can afford. Click the name of facebook group or website to directly access it. Good luck!

Facebook Groups:

Have a few listings daily by students looking for new Find a room(mate) or house in Rotterdam apartment mates. Read the posting rules and comply.

  • Housing Rotterdam: Run by
  • Housing Rotterdam RSM: another a good place to explore. Note: The group is not run by RSM as the name might suggest
  • ESN Housing Rotterdam: The page is run by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Many Erasmus University students post there.
  • Student Housing Rotterdam: Run by the Student Housing Rotterdam company.
  • Commodity market Rotterdam: This group is not specifically for houses/rooms. You can find many things it. yet people frequently post about vacant rooms and houses for rent.

Many posts are through the brokers and may involvement brokerage – check! Also, Sometimes, fake profiles scam international students on the Facebook pages. Beware!


  • Kamernet: Allows house seekers to interact directly with landlords (Requires a membership fee).
  • Nestpick: Founded by an Erasmus student. Very popular service. Works like an AirBnB for student rentals.
  • Pararius: Probably the largest housing listing site in NL.
  • Funda: Similar to Pararius.

The Student Hotel Rotterdam: Student Hotels are situated in locations all over Europe. The one in Rotterdam is at Willem Ruyslaan 225, which is very close to Erasmus university and hoogschool Rotterdam (few minutes by tram or biking). This hotel has a booking system online basically like any other hotel (check in-out system) and user friendly interface. With the room, you get free internet, LCD TV, bicycle, gym, etc. Expensive but fantastic!

International Student Housing Rotterdam: Good student rooms. A decent option if you are 2-3 friendslooking for a room each in the same place.