Hereunder is a list of the top five rental agencies in Rotterdam. This ranking is based on the number of the vacant properties each agency offers for renting as of April 2017.

1 – Rotterdam Apartments

Price range: 360 – 3500 euro
Info: Rotterdam Apartments has around 90 properties available for rent in Rotterdam. They offer furnished, unfurnished rooms, studios, apartments, houses and villas with prices starting at 400 euros per month.


2 – Riva Rentals

Price range: 950 – 4500 euro
Info: If you wish to temporarily rent a furnished house or apartment in Rotterdam, around the Maasvlakte or Europoort (meaning the harbour area) Riva Rentals is specialized in helping you to find it and organizing everything around it.


3 – BenHousing

Price range: 525 – 2150 euro
Info: BenHousing has 11 years of experience in renting the most beautiful and hip apartments in Rotterdam.


4 – Dop & Dop Consultancy

Price range: 720 – 2950 euro
Info: Dop & Dop is a young and flexible organization. They only do property renting so they have their full attention for their clients.


5- Principle Vastgoed

Price range: 850-7000 euro
Principle Vastgoed has been operating in the Randstad region for almost ten years. This company provides housing services with the help of a wide network of international companies, rental websites, and real estate brokers. Around 80% of their accommodations are rented by expats and internationals who are on a mission in the Netherlands.