Furniture brands who aim to expand to the Netherlands have many decision to make. One of them is the type of delivery service they wish to offer to their end customers and how to select the right delivery company. In this article, we will talk about three service levels for furniture delivery.

Furniture delivery: from basic to premium service levels

When it comes to furniture delivery, on service levels. From basic to premium that is: parcel delivery, home delivery and white glove delivery. In this article, and in the infographic you can find below, we will discuss each type of service level, so you can decide which service level matches best with your brand and products.


The first type of service level is parcel delivery. Also referred to as parcel shipping, courier service, front door delivery or curbside delivery. In this case a parcel is delivered at the front door, or just over the threshold of the front door. The customer signs for delivery and carries the product inside themselves. This service is suitable for smaller, light weight items, items that require no assembly or are easy to assemble, and customers who expect basic kind of delivery service and if needed assemble the item themselves. This type of service is typically covered by the larger parcel shipping companies for parcels up to 23 kilograms. In the Netherlands, the major parcel shipping companies are Post NL, DHL, GLS, DPD and FedEx.


The second type of service level is home delivery. Also referred to as point of use delivery, indoor delivery or residential delivery. In this case the parcel is carried inside the customer’s home and delivered in the designated area, without unpacking it. This type of service is suitable for medium sized items, items that require no assembly or are easy to assemble, and for customers who expect regular delivery service. This is where usually, furniture brands need to look for an additional logistics partner. A partner who offers both warehousing and home delivery service.

DELIVERY SERVICE LEVEL 3 White glove delivery

The third type of service level is the highest service level: white glove delivery. Also referred to as full service delivery. This means the parcel is delivered at the point of use, unpacked and assembled. The packing material is taken away and the customer can enjoy their new piece of furniture straight away. White glove delivery is suitable for high end brands, items that require assembly, larger items and customers who expect the very best delivery service.

Choosing your furniture delivery company in the Netherlands

Not all furniture transportation companies are able to offer all service levels. Choosing an outstanding logistics partner is crucial, as the moment of delivery is a very important moment in your customer’s journey. Your customer has been waiting impatiently to receive their new pieces of furniture, always an exciting day! At that moment, the delivery team is the representation of your brand. If you are looking for a delivery company that offers both home delivery and white glove delivery service in The Netherlands, Oranje Transport BV is what you are looking for!

About Oranje Transport BV

Oranje Transport BV has over 10 years of experience with furniture delivery in the Netherlands. Oranje Transport BV is one of the first furniture delivery companies in the Netherlands to specialise in White Glove Delivery service. We have been the trusted logistics partner for a number of top furniture brands for home delivery and white glove delivery of their furniture. From our main warehouse in Pijnacker, The Netherlands, we provide warehousing, distribution and white glove delivery service throughout the Netherlands. We deliver to both B2C as well as B2B customers. We even provide additional service, such as discarding the customer’s old furniture, and fully taking care of your return orders. Oranje Transport BV always has a tailor made solution for your logistics question.

Are you looking for a full service, professional and flexible logistics partner to represent your furniture brand in the Netherlands? Contact us and within 24 hours we will let you know what we can do for you.

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