Before moving to the Netherlands, it is crucial to know which websites and apps are legitimate and will definitely help you to settle down in a completely new environment. We have prepared for you a list of the most helpful tools which can be used before/ after moving to the Netherlands. The list has been carefully put together for you, with the help of experienced expats!

  1. Searching for an accommodation

The most commonly used websites to find an accommodation in the Netherlands are as well as If you are a young professional, who is looking for a more budget-friendly option, might be the solution for you, as you can also find here a private room in a shared household.

However, beware! Be always cautious and think twice before transferring any money or down-payments. Always double-check reviews and authenticity of the agency which you are about to sign a contract with.

  1. Food delivery

Once you have a roof over your head, it is a good time to celebrate it with some good food! The most commonly used food delivery platform in the Netherlands is called In case you cannot decide what to get from there, you can always use a joker also known as

  1. Marktplaats/ Facebook marketplace / /

If you want to be a proper Dutchie, you definitely need a bike. You can find a second hand as well as new bikes on and Facebook marketplace in your area. And not only that. Anything that you no longer find helpful can be sold here too.

Another multipurpose websites are and which are in fact working on the same principle with fast delivery. You can find there anything from a good bike lock (which is VERY necessary) to household appliances or cleaning agents.

  1. Public transportation

The public transportation network in the Netherlands is very well developed. When moving in, you should not be worried too much in case you do not have your own car. Luckily, the country is not that big either, and you can easily travel from one part to another using trains or buses. If you want to look up your connections, you can have a check out, where you can find all modes of transport. If you want to take a train, then you can proceed directly with the trains app.

  1. Learning the language

Last but not least, it is always nice to get to know the local language. Although it is not that difficult to survive in the Netherlands with English only, it is always nice to speak a little bit of Dutch. A very convenient way to learn Dutch is to set an account on You can choose yourself the lector and more importantly, the schedule which suits you the most. As all classes are held online, you can receive one-on-one lessons from the convenience of your home. Later on, you can practice your new language skills on the well known platform – duolingo.

Luckily, all colleagues at Oranje Transport speak English perfectly!


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